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The Man's Garden recommends a book by Joe and Dennis Fisher, brothers with a knack for turning hops into homebrew. "The Homebrewer's Garden" will improve the quality of your beer by using your own ingredients. Tried-and-true methods for growing hops are covered in detail, as are techniques for brewing herbs. Of interest to gardeners and cooks (even those who don't drink beer) will be recipes for aromatic Amazon Black Beer, Dandelion Bitter, Honey Basil Ale, Horehound Brown Ale, Mixed Berry Porter, Winter Wassail, Pumpkin Ale, and 22 other intriguing concoctions.

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Grow it, Brew it, Eat it, Drink it! 

Grow it, Brew it, Eat it, Drink it! Everything you need to make beer can be grown in garden-sized plots, including grains for malting, No Mansgarden should be without space reserved for the growing of these basic ingredients. See Below.

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Can't forget the mushrooms

Fellas, you can't just go out in the yard and grab any mushroom growing on a tree stump, unless you want to ride the magic bus to the emergency room. The Man's Garden recommends ordering a certified mushroom kit from a local nursery or by clicking here.