So you're ready to create the ultimate "Man's Garden?" Well first things first. The following are a few suggestions on where to start.

1) Locate an area in your backyard or somewhere around your house where your Man's Garden will be located. Be sure to consider basic things such as how much sun or shade the spot will receive, the quality of the soil and the amount of space your wife is willing to allow you to use. Just make sure it will get at least 5 hours of sun a day.

2) Mark off the area with some posts and start digging! If you have a significant area, rent a big soil tiller from a local dealer. It's much more fun that way. 

3) Check the consistency of your soil. You may have to add a soil or sand mix depending on your soil. The soil should be dark and break apart nicely, but not have the consistency of sand. No man wants to muck around testing soil for PH levels and such. Unless your soil is completely screwed up just add some compost or peat moss and you're good to go. 

4) Using a metal rake and a hoe(A gardening HOE!) remove any stones or foliage and turn and till the soil, then smooth the surface. 

5) (optional) Bury a soaker hose, NOT a sprinkler hose throughout the garden area. This will ease watering of your garden by getting water directly to the roots of the plants. Remember a Man's Garden is easy. 

6) Go to your local home or garden center and purchase seeds or seedlings of plants  you wish to grow. Plant them in your garden according to the instructions on the seed packets or plant tags. 

In the following sections you will find some tips on various plants suitable for your Man's Garden. You can always plant whatever you want, but remember if you want a Man's Garden,
"No Flowers, No Gloves, No Girly Stuff"!

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It's Tool Time! What would a Man's Garden be without some tools? Pretty girly, that's what. From building a protective fence, to shoveling compost, the tools are the foundation to every Man's Garden.

Along with decisions about which vegetables to plant, homeowners and beginning gardeners also have to decide how to outfit the tool shed.

Here is a link to a book full of handy info on gardening tools and equipment